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Christine Hines’ Story

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by in Story | 3 comments

My 15 year old daughter Mikayla started to have headaches about 4 years ago, but before that she was a daydreamer – or so we thought…

We didn’t have a clue that she was actually having absence seizures since the age of 2. This past summer she finally was seen and had an MRI/MRA done after 2 years of trying to get her pediatrician to refer her on to a neurologist.

Mikayla was diagnosed with an spinal arachnoid cyst and cerbral aneurysm non ruptured via the MRI/MRA. She was diagnosed with seizures and then epilepsy shortly after the test results came back.

Mikki has been fighting an uphill battle ever since between depression, anxiety, bullying from kids in school, and of course since she is a performer she had decided to stand up and speak out about all of this by way of her Awareness page, Mikayla’s Journey II, and also by being vocal about it with her peers and other adults in her life.

We are awaiting surgery to remove her arachnoid cyst and to take care of the surrounding aneurysms. We do not know quite yet if she will be a candidate for epilepsy surgery or not.

Facebook Page:’sJourneyII


  1. Have you researched everything on the surgery? Please do. I am a candidate and refuse to have it done.

    • yes we did. We decided to go with the minimally evasive surgery offered at DMC Children’s Hospital in Detroit as opposed to the numerous surgeries offered from U of M Motts Childrens Hospital in Michigan.

    • Hi sorry it took me forever to respond, yes we have researched the surgery. We are with DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Beumont Hospital in Royal Oak Michigan now. We went for a second opinion in Detroit. Mikayla goes for all of her testing (LTM EEg,MRI of Spine, MRI/MRA updated,bllod and urine work ups between tomorrow and JUly 6 an7th. Her neurosurgery team has 5 neurosurgeons of different specialtyies on it and she and I both feel comfortable with the decision to move forward with surgery. Mikki’s quality of life has gotten worse without it, she has other issues besides her Focal Epilepsy, she has two Arachnoid cysts , the one on her cerebellum is growing and pressing on four veins ,one of which has bulged to the point where her neurosurgery team says they need to coil and cement it for sure.