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Alicia Wiley’s Story

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 by in Story | 1 comment

I had my first known seizure in October of 2013.

I wasn’t feeling well for a few hours before and as I went to put something in the sink, I launched out of my wheelchair and had four back to back grant mals. My parents called 911 and medication was needed to stop the seizures. I was admitted to the hospital that night and proceeded to have four to six grand mals each day. Nurses gave medication to stop each one and waited for the next.

After a week at the hospital, I had finally gone home but a few hours later I was taken to a different hospital and was told that my seizures and paralysis were psychogenic. I had undergone large amounts of medication that didn’t work and counseling that didn’t help. I went in for an EEG September 7th 2014 and on September 15th was told that I have at least seven seizure types that are all very drug resistant. Now some meds help a little and my seizures have decreased.

I travel with my alert dog that we found in the street last year. We go everywhere together and he can get me on the ground before a seizure and get mom. He lays on my feet during the seizure and sits next to me while I sleep afterwards.

Here is my Seizure Tracker:

1 Comment

  1. You’re strong & brave. Thanks for sharing your story, ninja warrior.