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Jeanine Hansen’s Story

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by in Story | 4 comments

My daughter, Taylor, had her first seizure at 21 months one random June morning.

Of course, it snowballed from there with Tonic-Clonics clustered every couple months or so. After MRI, EEG, and a few appointments, she was placed on Keppra for the next 3 years. It worked okay, but a breakthrough seizure would sneak up every once in a while. After increasing her dose every time, she was finally maxed out.

After a particularly bad spring, we were ordered a 2 day in-patient EEG. Once we were there for 24 hrs, with no medications in her system, they informed me she was at high risk for SUDEP. My heart dropped, and I cried for the first time. We had to stay for 4 days so her new medicine could take affect.

She is now diagnosed with right frontal lobe Grand-Mals and Absence seizures. She also has Generalized atonic and clonic seizures. Cognitively, she is slowly decreasing. She’s slowly having reparative surgeries on the left side of her body thanks to the abnormality in her right frontal lobe.

Not once has she stopped smiling, or enjoying life to its fullest. Epilepsy is a word in our everyday life. BUT it does not define her, nor does it define our family. The beautiful girl in the pictures is a loving daughter, beloved twin and sister, walks around the house singing, and has a love for life. Nothing stops her!!!


  1. Prayers….

  2. we love you Taylor!

  3. What a beautiful strong amazing girl 🙂 I will be wearing purple for you on Friday ♡

  4. Jeanine, I am so proud to call you my friend. You are a strong woman and a wonderful mother. Every time I see Taylor smile it melts my heart! You go girl! Love you all!