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Heather Meyer’s Story

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by in Story |

Hi, my name is Heather and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 10.

My mom noticed that I was having staring spells in mid-conversation, and when we were playing catch and the ball hit me in the end and I had no clue why they were asking if I was okay! I was put on Depakote. They thought I would outgrow it since I was a kid and my family and I thought I outgrew it, too. I hadn’t taken meds in quite some time and went off them until I was 17 and I started to have seizures again.

I went to a neurologist and they put me on Depakote again but this time I ended up losing my hair on the back of my head. Being a girl in high school and losing her hair is NOT a good thing. My twin sister was sweet and told me you couldn’t see that I was balding in which you could tell. After I went off the medication my hair began to grow back. Some people asked why my hair was so short in areas (I have curly hair and I would flat iron my hair most of the time so that it would kinda make it look better). Once my hair grew in my sister told me I actually had no hair to very little hair in the back of my head.

I fell behind in school; I was always falling asleep due to the medications I was on and had to be put in a wheel chair because I couldn’t walk very well….I felt weak. Some teachers got upset at me because they thought I was just slacking. My sister did my homework so I wouldn’t be as behind but that didn’t help me catch up.The teachers recommended I get my GED and I did.
I had my first grand mal when I was 19. I hit my head on the dryer in the bathroom and my boyfriend (now my husband) rushed in after I wouldn’t respond and saw me foaming at the mouth and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. He thought I was dying and called AMR. The next thing I know I had four paramedics holding me by my limbs,carrying me down the stairs. I had a SERIOUS headache for a week. I was shocked I didn’t crack my head open.

Fast forward 5 yrs.

My seizures came back with a vengeance and I have memory loss now from having so many and constantly smacking my head on things. I fractured my brow bone a few months ago when I was cleaning my horse’s stall. I look in the mirror each day and see the scar, a memory of that day. I feel like “Lucy” off of 50 First Dates, the movie. My memory isn’t THAT bad but I am easily confused and go to my husband to ask him questions of what happened. It is a struggle to live with Epilepsy. I never had a license, don’t work,can’t be alone with my daughter as I had a seizure and if my friend wasn’t there I would have dropped her and landed on her. I am afraid to swim….I worry about everything. I have a lot of what if’s because I know a seizure could happen at any moment. I could have one as I type this. I’m sure you all have thought the same thing who have Epilepsy.
I just got my service dog. He is half trained and will be finishing up his training soon 🙂 I’m very happy because I feel more secure with him when I go places as I have had seizures at stores and parking lots.

Epilepsy can control you if you let it and I’m trying to become more independent. It’s a slow process but if I keep believing then I can make it and so can you 🙂