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Megan Graham’s Story

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 by in Story |

I had my very first seizure in 2009 just before my 19th birthday.

I was working at an ice cream place and about to get off of work. I fell out about 10 minutes before my shift ended and woke up to my boyfriend hovering over me and two EMS guys as well. I didnt go to the hospital but they explained what had just happened to me and said it was just a one time incident. For a while it was.

Then on September 1, 2011 they came out of nowhere while I was standing in my very small closet that had two dressers in it. I was standing in between the dressers. My friend heard me hit one of the dressers on the way down and came running in there to find me on the floor convulsing. I’ve had more severe ones since then while I was asleep, being intimate and while driving amongst others. I also had eight in a row at my friends house at the same time her husband was having his.

I went to the hospital in 2012 to see if I was a candidate for brain surgery. I was scared to death. I stayed in there for 4 days before they told me the seizures aren’t coming from one spot in my brain. They come from all over. So no i couldnt have brain surgery. They changed my meds from dilantin, which didnt help at all, to tegretol which worked better than dilantin but it didnt work by itself. So they added keppra to the mix. They played with several different levels of each but they werent working so just this year they added another, vimpat, which would help me sleep as well since im also an insomniac and stress and lack of sleep cause my seizures, we think. I was having about one a week. Sometimes, though, it would change and I’d go a couple of weeks or months without.

Then there was pregnancy. I got pregnant December of last year. I had gone several months without having any. Then about my third month of pregnancy I had one and it was a bad one, worse than usual, in my moms bed. Thankfully most of the ones I had while pregnant, I was either lying or sitting down.

When I woke up from that one my mom told me I had to go to the hospital.

Like usual i got mad and told her I didn’t want to- I never go to the hospital, why should I go now? She told me because I was pregnant and we had to check on the baby. I looked at her for a minute said she was lying and when she laughed and told me she wasn’t I started crying and needless to say we went to the hospital.

No worries, the baby is ok, she’s a month old now and beautiful and healthy as ever.

The next 7 seizures I had, I forgot i was pregnant. Mom says it was like telling me for the first time every time. I had one seizure while pregnant where I was standing in the kitchen and I fell. We went to the hospital and we were there four hours. We got back home at 2:30 am, and I went in my moms room to use her bathroom sat down and had another. Back to the hospital we went. They kept me over night. And I didn’t have anymore after that for 2 months. 2 weeks after Emelia (my daughter) was born I started having them once a week again. Thankfully I haven’t had any while holding her.

We are looking into the VNS surgery but had to wait until after she was born to do it. I’ll find out Tuesday if we can get it done. I hope so because I’m scared to hold my baby or even just to be alone with her. No seizures this week so far.