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Jessica Fusch’s Story

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 by in Story |

The battle with epilepsy for my daughter, Inara, began while I was 15 weeks pregnant with her.

I began to mirror her tonic-clonic and grand mal seizures regularly. I also noticed abnormal fetal movements as she grew. In November of 2011, Inara was born, strong and beautiful. And at 11 days old, she had two ten minute partial seizures back to back.

At 4 months, Inara began having clusters of partial, tonic-clonic, and grand mal seizures. It took months to stabilize her to where she was having 1 to 4 seizures a week. By the summer of 2012, Inara was stable. We began therapies to deal with her developmental delays.

At about 1 year of age, she began having seizures again. They were frequent and severe enough to have her doctor change her medications, and she lost some of her daily living skills that she had developed over the summer. Inara is now almost 3, and her seizures are almost completely under control. She is just now pulling to stand, and is mobile, but not crawling or walking. Inara vocalizes, but is unable to speak. She is winning her battle with epilepsy for now. And she continues to get stronger, and smarter.