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Paige Mullineaux’s Story

Posted on Oct 10, 2014 by in Story | 1 comment

I was diagnosed with epilepsy as well as narcolepsy with cataplexy when I was 21

I’m Paige, I am 24 years old.

My case is a tad tricky: I have like 12 types of seizures and they’re completely random! I’ve been having “starring spells” and things all of my life but I had my first grand-mal seizure in my ex -boyfriend’s car in 2008! Haha, I scared him – that’s for sure!

I have so many seizures it’s kinda not even a shocker to me anymore. I’m just like, “okay” and go on about my day!

When I was diagnosed I went through this surreal phase where I was like what if I get a headache? Is that a seizure? Will it turn into an aneurysm? Will that turn into a tumor? Like these CRAZY insane things I never thought I would think! You know a lot of people won’t admit to thinking that way but once you hear the statistics especially when your Epilepsy is severe you’re like… “Oh my gosh! I have a headache! It’s on the left side! That’s a sharpe pain! Is that consistent with blood clots?! Call that neurologist lady back!?”

You drive yourself crazy over thinking! At least I did and some of my other friends with epilepsy did.. THEN I got to this rebellious stage where I was like “screw this I’ll do whatever! I don’t even listen to my parents! Haha” so I raged out! I went to my first rave! Not a bright idea with all those strobe lights! Luckily I didn’t have a seizure! But I did have emergency surgery that night for a kidney stone my Toprimate caused! When it rains it pours right?

I didn’t want to be that person who knew they were sick so they used their sickness as an excuse! Those people make me so angry! I had nephrotic syndrome as a child I almost died numerous times but I had an amazing doctor! I didn’t fight so hard to live this long to be diagnosed with this and then turn around and use it as an excuse! I raved the night away! (Turns out strobe lights are too much of a trigger unless they flash slowly)

Today, I advise people. On life, relationships etc. When someone tells me they hate their life they want to die etc. It makes me so angry. I’ve been fighting my whole life to live my life and I can have it stripped away any minute due to SUDEP. I don’t think that’s very cavalier. So I always go off on these days long rants on how priceless life is and how a person devalues life by saying it’s worthless. If you put a value on it, you’re essentially you’re devaluing it. I know people get mad at me because they don’t want a fact check but here’s the thing; I’ve been fighting illness my whole life and I’ve lost amazing people to illnesses so why am I gonna sit here and listen to you give up on yourself before you even tried? You’ve already messed up by coming to me to complain! Haha but let me tell you I must do something right because these people I connect with NEVER leave my side!

I wouldn’t change a thing about my epilepsy; it makes me who I am today! I am EpiKid strong! (:

1 Comment

  1. I love you girl and you are so strong. It takes a strong girl to be so brave.