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Kimberly Lambert’s Story

Posted on Oct 10, 2014 by in Story |

My story starts at age 15.

My mom started to notice me staring off not responding to her calls. She ask the doctors what that could be, but they said it was just me being rebellious.

Then later my hand started to twitch and tighten up for periods of time. We asked doctors what that was, but doctors said it was my nerves and sent me home with a brace for my hand. Then one night my sister said I was making weird noises but couldn’t get me to respond, then i just went back to sleep.

My mom just said I was having bad dreams, and so did the doctor. Then one week, I was with my friends and I had a tonic clonic in front of them.  My mom came and she knew there was something wrong, she went to the doctors. They still didn’t believe anything was wrong.  They thought it was stress and sent me home, they didn’t even refer me to a neurologist.

My seizures grew more, until we came in with a video.  Thats when they finally sent us to a neurologist.  I had a VEEG, and it came back normal, so they said my seizure were stress related. We switched insurance because we were getting no where, and thats when the new doctors ordered all new testing.  They did another EEG and they found abnormalities in my frontal lobe and diagnosed me with epilepsy.

I take two different meds and pretty much have my seizure under control. Im 17 now. I later found out it is possible i could have had seizure as a baby but not positively sure. I make video blogs about my life with epilepsy on youtube.-Fightingwithseizuredisorder. (VIDEO BELOW)