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Jennifer Sherry’s Story

Posted on Oct 10, 2014 by in Story | 2 comments

I started having seizures when I was 15.

I got sick and thought it was the flu because a bunch of my friends were sick. One night, I got up confused.  Hearing my mom, I went to the stairs and had a grand-Mal seizure. I had temp of 104. I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis which is inflammation of the brain.

They put me in an induced comma. I was in Boston for 3 weeks.

I graduated from HS with C’s. I went to Salem State for a semester got some Ds and went to Marian Court 97 with B’s.

I worked for 11 years but left and am now on disability. Seizure have gotten worse over the years, with stress induced seizures at work. I can’t have surgery because my seizures are on both sides of brain. I have taken many meds, I start a new one this week just needs to be approved. My seizures are now black-out seizure which are no good. I do not remember them.

I volunteer at an assisted living, but when I need time,  I take it.  Right now, I am in PT for an old back injury. I am now 39 and I have a VNS device, and am on the newest meds.


  1. You’ve had a tough fight over the years with your seizures though you seem to be at a very good point in your life right now. Stay strong! Be happy! Enjoy your life!

  2. My son had first seizure @ 38 years while driving a Loomis truck. He is 41 now and Dr.s considering stimulator. What is your opinion on the stimulator? Did it help?