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Crissie T’s Story

Posted on Aug 29, 2014 by in Story | 1 comment

Seems like just yesterday Bailey was 18 months old..we were at Shands hospital after our very first Tonic-clonic “grand mal” seizure that lasted over 4 1/2 min from the time I saw it! (I was driving and she was sleeping and like most mothers .. Once they are sleeping .. YOU DRIVE) well since then things have changed.. My rear view mirror stays on her AT ALL TIMES! I remember being so scared as I watched my hero of a husband Eric Trussell completely take control and know exactly what to do, full paramedic mode clicked and he was focused … I watched him get her out , immediately start watching his clock, taking her pulse, watching her take breaths , all while stripping her clothes off and putting her on the kitchen counter..

I will never forget the clicking sound that she was making, seeing her eyes rolled completely back in her head, while there was “white foam” (as you know it) coming out of her mouth, shaking non stop with her head side ways and her arms and leg forced “tucked in” He knew what to do.. He was talking as calm as he could while I “ATTEMPTED TO CALL 911.. (It did not go sooooo well) at a moment like this you would be surprised that you can forget your address. all I could say is … “Tell station 18 to go to Eric trussell’s house”.. I replay this over and over in my head every day! Each time she has one IT STARTS ALL OVER!

Today I am thankful first to my GOD for not letting it be any worse, 2nd to MY ROCK ERIC , the friends at station 18, that I am sure broke more then one law while coming to our house (record timing there boys and for this I thank you) Nick and drew for not only not letting me drive to the ER , (nice block drew) but also for transporting us to the next hospital at 3am when it was not even your call just because we are family !! To my wonderful neighbor Tammy for driving me to the ER (because eric rode with with Bailey) To my sister Amy for being there (before me) still not sure how you live 45 min the opposite direction and still beat me?? I am sure she broke laws as well) it’s because of all of you and a few more that I got to hold my sweet baby again!!!! Thank you to you all! You will forever hold an extra deep place in my heart!!! If your wondering why I went into such detail…

Well I wanted everyone that reads this post to feel just a fraction of the fear that happens when she has a seizure… It is something that you can not explain until YOU HOLD YOUR CHILD LIFELESS AND PURPLE… This could possibly all become just a memory with the use of medical marijuana… can you please help us to get it on the 2014 ballot? All we need is signatures to be turned in .. please I beg you.. Lets be the voice for her and many others… WILL YOU????? Let’s get her OFF THE PHARMACEUTICAL BAG OF TRICKS that is killing or damaging her other organs! You do need to be a registered voter in the state of Florida before you can sign the petition. So today my story of Hope is for a cure to get my sweet girl and so many more better!!! Thank you EpilepsyU for doing what you do!!!

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  1. My 4 yo niece has had seizures for about 2 years. Is the CBD oil from hemp not effective for your Bailey or is it too hard to get medical advise & coverage? seems to purport that it’s legal … but of course they can’t make any treatment claims.